The mark of excellence: Certified Funeral Service Practitioner

Each of the funeral directors listed has earned the designation of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner from the Academy of Professional Funeral Service Practice, Inc.

A select few have distinguished themselves among their peers within the funeral service profession as they continue their education to exceed the highest standards of care. This achievement is especially notable because they have voluntarily elected to participate in quality educational and service opportunities that far surpass what the funeral service licensing board in their state requires.

  Abingdon Stephen A. Hughes, CFSP
McComas Funeral Home, P.A.
(410) 676-4600

  Abingdon Holly Kimble McComas, CFSP*
McComas Funeral Home
(410) 676-4600

  Abingdon Howard K. McComas III, CFSP
McComas Funeral Home, P.A.

  Annapolis Patrick J. Arnold Sr., CFSP
Hardesty Funeral Home, PA
(410) 263-2224

  Annapolis Michele P. Kutta, CFSP
John M. Taylor Funeral Home
(410) 263-4422

  Baltimore James Bruzdzinski, CFSP*
Bruzdzinski Funeral Home, PA
(410) 686-4888

  Baltimore Dr. Hari P. Close II, CFSP
Hari P. Close Funeral Service, P.A.
(410) 327-3100

  Baltimore Scott P. Gardner, CFSP
Duda Ruck Funeral Home Of Dundalk, Inc.
(410) 288-4664

  Baltimore Paul L. Hartsock Jr., CFSP
Leonard J. Ruck, Inc.
(410) 426-1517

  Baltimore Joy Johnson, CFSP*

  Baltimore Edgar F. Lassahn Jr., CFSP
Lassahn Funeral Home, Inc.
(410) 665-2000

  Baltimore John O. Mitchell IV, CFSP*
Mitchell-Wiedefeld Funeral Home, Inc.
(410) 377-8300

  Baltimore David J. Weber, CFSP*
David J. Weber Funeral Homes, P.A.
(410) 276-6600

  Baltimore Albert P. Wylie, CFSP
Wylie Funeral Homes, P.A.
(410) 462-4070

  Baltimore Jerome Znamirowski, CFSP
Gonce Funeral Service, PA
(410) 789-1800

  Beltsville Donald V. Borgwardt, CFSP*
Donald V. Borgwardt Funeral Home, P.A.
(301) 937-1707

  Bethesda David E. Perry, CFSP

  Bowie Thomas P. Zizos, CFSP
Beall Funeral Home
(301) 805-5544

  Cambridge Brian K. Burton, CFSP*
Thomas Funeral Home, PA
(410) 228-4727

  Centreville Gary B. Fellows, CFSP
Fellows, Helfenbein & Newnam
(410) 928-5311

  Centreville Jason Edward Fellows, CFSP
Fellows, Helfenbein & Newnam Funeral Home, P.A.
(410) 928-5311

  Charlotte Hall Edward N. Brinsfield Jr., CFSP*
Brinsfield Funeral Home & Crematory, P.A.
(301) 472-4400

  Clinton Michael W. Lee, CFSP*
Lee Funeral Home, Inc.
(301) 868-0900

  Easton Maurice E. Newnam III, CFSP*

  Easton B. Keith Phippin, CFSP
Fellows, Helfenbein & Newnam Funeral Home
(410) 822-3131

  Ellicott City John D. Slack, CFSP*

  Ellicott City Sherri Collins Witzke, CFSP*
Harry H. Witzke's Family Funeral Home, Inc.
(410) 465-2848

  Federalsburg Roman Garrett Coale, CFSP*
Framptom Funeral Home, PA
(410) 754-8888

  Fort Washington Karen Howell-McPherson, CFSP

  Frederick Jacqueline L. Rafferty, CFSP
Stauffer Funeral Homes
(301) 663-1690

  Frederick Keith L. Roberson, CFSP*
Keeney & Basford P.A. Funeral Home
(301) 662-2175

  Frederick G. Douglas Stauffer, CFSP
Stauffer Funeral Homes, Inc.
(301) 663-1690

  Frederick Randall L. Weagley, CFSP
Stauffer Funeral Home, PA
(301) 663-1690

  Frederick Kelly Ann Zimmerman, CFSP
Stauffer Funeral Home
(301) 663-1690

  Gaithersburg James J. Thibadeau CPC, CFSP*
Thibadeau Mortuary Service, PA
(301) 495-4950

  Glen Burnie Pamela A. Hovatter, CFSP*
Singleton Funeral Home, P.A.
(410) 766-7070

  Hagerstown Ryan M. Berger, CFSP
Andrew K. Coffman Funeral Home, Inc.
(301) 739-1444

  Hagerstown Douglas Ayers Fiery, CFSP*
Douglas A. Fiery Funeral Home
(301) 791-7759

  Hyattsville H. Constance Gasch, CFSP*

  Laytonsville John P. Chaplin, CFSP

  Leonardtown Michael K. Gardiner Sr., CFSP*
Mattingley-Gardiner Funeral Home
(301) 475-8500

  Marriottsville Richard L. Rapp, CFSP*
(410) 549-4542

  Mt. Airy Todd D. Wynn, CFSP
(301) 674-1694

  New Windsor Catharine Orr Hartzler, CFSP*
Hartzler Funeral Home
(410) 635-2000

  North East Robert T. Crouch, CFSP
Crouch Funeral Home, P.A.
(410) 287-6166

  Owings Mills R. Thomas Randall, CFSP*
(410) 998-9180

  Ownings C. William Lee III, CFSP*
Lee Funeral Home Calvert, P.A.
(301) 855-0888

  Pocomoke City Michael A. Dean, CFSP*
Holloway Funeral Home, PA
(410) 957-0224

  Port Republic Kyle Svend Simons, CFSP*
Rausch Funeral Homes, PA
(410) 586-0520

  Randallstown Brandon Matthew Wylie, CFSP*
Wylie Funeral Home, PA
(410) 655-9200

  Rockville John E. Parker, CFSP
Robert A. Pumphrey Funeral Homes
(301) 762-3939

  Salisbury Kenneth Craig Bland Sr., CFSP
Holloway Funeral Home
(410) 742-5141

  Salisbury Keith R. Downey, CFSP
Holloway Funeral Home
(410) 677-3296

  Salisbury John M. Holloway, CFSP*
Holloway Funeral Home
(410) 742-5141

  Salisbury W. Richard Holloway Jr., CFSP
Holloway Funeral Home
(410) 742-5141

  Salisbury Kathleen Laing Morton-Jones, CFSP
Holloway Funeral Home
(410) 742-5141

  Salisbury Daniel O. Pauley Jr., CFSP*
Bounds Funeral Home
(410) 749-3281

  Salisbury David H. Thompson, CFSP
Holloway Funeral Home, PA
(410) 742-5141

  Severn Domenico Raffaela Amodeo, CFSP
(410) 305-1221

  Silver Spring Claudette Gasch Lanning, CFSP*
(301) 927-6100

  Sykesville Arthur T. Queen, CFSP
Burrier-Queen Funeral Home and Crematory, P.A.
(410) 795-0300

  Temple Hills Ralph Edward Williams II, CFSP
Ralph Williams II Funeral Service, PA
(301) 262-2387

  Timonium Jeffrey L. Gair Sr., CFSP*
Peaceful Alternatives Funeral & Cremation Center
(410) 252-8720

  Towson Earl L. Canapp, CFSP
Ruck Towson Funeral Home Inc.
(410) 823-1700

  Towson Michael J. Ruck, CFSP
Ruck Towson Funeral Home, Inc.
(410) 426-1517

  Waldorf Pamela Jean Higginbotham, CFSP

  Waldorf Thurman Higginbotham, CFSP

  Waldorf F. Ridgely Huntt, CFSP*
(301) 645-6596

  Westminister Justin Richard Durboraw, CFSP
Myers-Durboraw Funeral Home
(410) 848-3933

  Winfield James B. Covey, CFSP
Burrier-Queen Funeral Home and Crematory, P.A.
(410) 795-0300

  Winfield Todd Addison Kellner, CFSP
Burrier-Queen Funeral Home and Crematory, P.A.
(410) 795-0300